El músico presentará su séptimo álbum de estudio, ‘The Search For Everything’, en el Hipódromo de Palermo el próximo 29 de octubre.

John Mayer trae este año a la Argentina su gira mundial “The Search For Everything Tour”, que lleva el nombre de su séptimo álbum de estudio que alcanzó este año el Nº2 del Billboard 200. El trabajo cuenta con la colaboración de Sheryl Crow en la canción On the Blood.

El 29 de octubre se presentará en el Hipódromo de Palermo de Buenos Aires y quedan pocas entradas a la venta. Rodrigo y Gabriela es la banda elegida para abrir su show. Los tickets se pueden conseguir a través de sistema AllAccess y puntos de venta habilitados.

Hace unos días, Mayer despidió a Tom Petty con un emotivo mensaje en su cuenta de Instagram: “Una leyenda llega al otro lado. Descansa en paz”.


Tom Petty. One of the high priests of the Sonic Church of California. He wasn’t born there, but he planted so many songs there, it’s where his music takes place in my mind. Musically speaking, California is a repository for dreams. Every great song and artist associated with it adds a patch to that sun-faded tapestry. The songs spark these visions, some of them memories, and some of them just seen for the first time in the music and revisited throughout the years. Petty was a major architect of the spirit that makes musicians want to flock to California and write their songs and live the life that both authors them and is authored by them. Growing up a kid in suburban Connecticut in the late ‘80s, Tom Petty’s music was the only thing like it, both on the radio and on MTV. He made me believe in two things: that songwriting was everything, and that California must have felt like his music sounded. It did. And it always will. Musicians leave behind much more than records. They leave with us a shared dream space. A place we can continue to visit, even if after its creator is gone. Tom Petty’s California is my favorite California. It’s the one he painted both photo-real and abstract. It’s the one, like his music always portrayed, that straddles the dichotomy between proletariat and paradise; somewhere between the power lines and the palm trees, between Reseda and Malibu, between restlessness and ecstatic love. A legend reaches the other side. Rest In Peace

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